Composite Ingenuity.

Steel repair and replacement solutions that extend asset life, reduce maintenance downtime and increase revenue.

people + technology

FUZE ensure the reliable and continued operation of critical assets by combining sophisticated composite technology with complex engineering-style thinking, from simple fixes to sophisticated and extensive repairs.

Rapid Response

Global bases in Australia, Singapore, US, UK, the Middle East and Canada mean fast site access and an understanding of local requirements.

Engineering Expertise

Unmatched composite expertise with University and industry body recognition.

Direct Delivery

Reliable project and in-field delivery for projects that are on time and on budget.

Quality Focused

Controlled, superior quality engineering, products, application and reporting.

Ongoing Support

Repair tracking to provide inspection and preventative maintenance support.

Digital Interfaces

Digital interfaces for records, maintenance and inspection details.

Understanding + Ingenuity

Safe, fast, cost-effective structural repair and reinforcement solutions that bring advanced composite technologies to industrial applications.


Mining, Metals


Power, Renewables


Water, Transportation


Chemicals, Manufacturing


Marine, Aeronautical


Vessels, Ports


We deliver tangible productivity and safety improvements for our clients. Our relationships are founded on trust and reliability.


Jason LeCoultre
 – Managing Director

Project Snapshots

Composites are stronger than steel and a fifth the weight, making them easier to transport and install.

Resistant to rust and corrosion, composites are effective in areas exposed to salt water, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Experience + Research

Industries use FUZE composites because they reduce both CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Some of our Satisfied Customers

Ensuring reliable and continued operation of your assets and infrastructure.

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Passion + Integrity

We’re the champions of composites. Care, integrity and trust are just some of the qualities that can be felt in our workplaces.