We do our best work in challenging environments.

We provide new thinking and new solutions to repair the pipelines, structures and mechanisms that drive social and economic value.

Fuze’s utilisation of composite technology results in solutions that are:

These properties provide certainty in areas of risk, creating safer, more productive work environments in the below sectors. 


Mining, Metals


Power, Renewables


Water, Transportation


Chemicals, Manufacturing


Marine, Aeronautical


Vessels, Ports


We're nimble and respond quickly to improve function and unlock additional run time.


Kasia Fornal
 – Service Delivery Manager

Research + Experience

In-depth knowledge of composite materials and excellent know-how in structural engineering, backed by decades of experience, have sharpened our eyes for attention to detail.

Passion + Integrity

We’re the champions of composites. Care, integrity and trust are just some of the qualities that can be felt in our workplaces.