Tank Shell Replacement


Repair to significant wall loss due to internal corrosion (up to 92% wall loss) as well as multiple through wall defects on a tank shell.


  • Pressure 1.3 Bar
  • Temperature 0 to 60 °C
  • FUZE-Dry™ Carbon Fibre
  • 17470 mm diameter
  • Sa2.5 abrasive blasting surface preparation.


  • Crew of 8 FUZE Field crew
  • Executed in 3 mobilisations and utilising start-up designs allowing a return to full operational capacity 2 months ahead of project completion
  • Application of large surface laminates across multiple scaffold levels


  • The engineered repairs met ASME PCC-2 code compliance without the need for hot works or heavy lifts
  • The repair achieved 161mof tank shell remediation incorporating 18 welded structural supports (L-brackets and C-channels) into the tank shell replacement