Stuart Briggs

Operations Manager

Stuart has been in the oil and gas sector for over 14 years in various technical, operational and sales capacities, ranging from production through to decommissioning, downhole, upstream and downstream in both the USA and Australia.

He graduated from the University of Western Australia with a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Commerce, then immediately signed up for the adventures of the oil patch in the United States. His remits have included managing and leading field crews to deliver high-quality and safe services both from site and in-office. He has managed an independent base of operations in Alaska, and more recently, served as the Operations Manager of an SME providing solutions to local Australian oil and gas operators and contractors.

Amongst this, Stuart has travelled when the opportunity arose with highlights including a six-month Cairo to Cape Town bike ride and a driving/camping circumnavigation of Australia.

Stuart has since embarked on an online MBA journey at the University of New South Wales to broaden his knowledge and understanding of leadership and technology in business, bringing these experiences to his role at FUZE.