Composites 101

Composites are the combination of two or more different materials, making them stronger and better.

Fibre + Resin

Composites consist of two components – fibres and resins. It’s this combination that gives composites their unique and differentiating properties.


Per pound, composites are appreciably stronger than steel. Fibres carry the load, while resins distribute weight.


Composites are lighter than most structural materials, and a fifth the weight of steel. Lighter objects are easier to transport and install.


Composites are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them effective in areas exposed to salt water, chemicals and extreme temperatures.


Composite components can be customised for each application, allowing for design flexibility and application on complicated shapes.


Composites last. They have a long life and require little maintenance.

Fuze Composites vs. Steel

How do our composites stack up against steel?  See the table for a direct comparison.

FUZE composites are ultimately faster, cheaper and safer than steel alternatives.

Susceptible to ongoing corrosionYesNo
UV degradation issuesNoNo
Rapid engineering (within hours)NoYes
Repairs live, live leaks or over clampsNoYes
No shut down, no hot workNoYes
Time to complete installation on site100%50%
Indicative total project cost100%40%
Class approved (ABS, Lloyds, DNV)YesYes
Inspection options (wide range, commercially available)YesYes

Manufacturing Processes

There are three types of composite manufacturing processes, each with its own benefits.

Open Molding

Composite materials are placed in an open mold with air exposure to harden. Molds are inexpensive to create, so they're great for short production runs.

Closed Molding

Composite materials are cured inside a vacuum bag or two-sided mold, closed to air. Closed molding is useful for a two-sided finish and high production volumes.

Cast Polymer Molding

A mixture of resin and fillers are poured into an open or closed mold (typically without reinforcements) and left to cure or harden.

People + Technology

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