We keep assets operational, from simple fixes to sophisticated and complex repairs. 

Structural Steel Repair & Reinforcement

FUZE provides safe, fast, cost-effective structural repair and reinforcement solutions that ensure the reliable and continued operation of assets and infrastructure.

We start to work where others shy away.  

Engineered composite repair systems

We harness the latest in resin and ultra-strength fibre technology to engineer composite solutions that are light in weight and resistant to high impacts, pressure, corrosion, chemicals and temperatures.

Composites can be applied to live systems on complex geometries, with no impact on production, to optimise pipelines, caissons, risers, structural components (such as jetties) and more.

Long-Term Value

Experience + Research


We love projects that demand our solid technical knowledge & harness our inventiveness.


Peter Butt
 – Chief Technology Officer

Understanding + Ingenuity

Bringing advanced composite technologies and the lessons of aerospace engineering to industrial applications.